Escorts love spending their time with clients that respect them, but unfortunately they will have to deal with all kinds of customers. Some will be rude and hurried, a number of them will try to negotiate and others will complain about the escort services received, even though you did everything possible to ensure a perfect meeting. Have you ever asked yourself how escorts actually select their clientele?

Your clients’ testimonials matter

Some of your clients will leave a tip before heading to their homes. Most escorts appreciate these clients, but those who think about their future love spending their time with their loyal clients. They are those who make a call a short time before your meeting, they respect you and enjoy your company as much as you enjoy theirs. They always give a good review and their opinion matters to you.

Every once in a while you get a call from clients that seem to be out of your league. They are genuine gentlemen looking for high-quality services and if you manage to meet their requirements, they will repay you more than you might dream. Although they do not show up too often, escorts will chose them anytime instead of those selfish guys who only think of themselves.

Escorts manage their agendas carefully and remember if they already met a client. It is necessary because some of the guys who request your escort services prove to be an unpleasant company. Escorts will eventually avoid them and some are even forced to hire protection in order to keep themselves safe.

This business field is not always about shopping, relaxation and good time with a client. Some customers are impolite and insulting, hence escorts will try their best to avoid them. No matter the price paid, you do not deserve to be treated badly and unfairly. Select your clients carefully and inform your colleagues when one of the clients does not respect you – they must be aware to stay away from him. Find more about protection and clients here

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